You have entered the professional history of Apolo Attorneys, founded in 1948 by Dr. Modesto Apolo Ramírez, who, after completing his university studies, decided to found a law firm based on the principles of ethics, knowledge and client service, joining with other lawyers in various legal specialties from his graduating class, thus enabling the newly established law office to cover most of the legal spectrum required by clients at that time.

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We believe in training, specialization and the wise combination of experience with generational change. Thus, most of the members of Apolo's professional team hold master’s or doctoral degrees and many are university professors committed to training new generations of professionals in this increasingly demanding career.

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June Newsletter: Electronic Money and Mistrust

For some years in our environment, we have used the payment of goods and services through a debit card issued by a bank. The operation is quite simple, from the checking or savings account that the cardholder keeps in the bank, at the time of payment with your card, it is immediately debited from the account values of the transaction, therefore, the requirement for its operation is that the user have funds in its account, nothing more or less as you would with a check, a card or proof of retirement.

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May Newsletter: Solidarity and Civic Responsibility Act

The executive has considered that thereconstruction of the public and private infrastructure of the areas affected by the earthquake will rise to three billion dollars. This figure does not respond to any evaluative technical study of the destruction caused, but to a subjective assessment of how much was the cost of the damaged goods by the quake.

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April Newsletter: Employment Situation After New Tax Reforms

Labor reforms that were implemented in the Law for the promotion of youth work, exceptional regulation of working hours, severance pay and unemployment insurance that was published in the Supplement to Official Gazette no.720 of March 28, 2016, responded to the general economic crisis that led to layoffs of workers at all levels.

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Dr. Modesto Apolo Ramírez

Dr. Modesto Apolo Ramírez was born in Guayaquil on October 5, 1922. He completed his secondary education at the Vicente Rocafuerte High School, where he graduated with honors. He entered the Guayaquil University Law School, where he won the Contenta Prize for maintaining a 100/100 grade point average, earning him a summa cum laude degree.

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